About | Surreal

Award winning digital agency.

We bring a personal and effective approach

to every project we work on,which is why

our clients love us

and why they keep coming back.

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[skill title=”CLIENT LIAISING” amount=”90″] [skill title=”CLIENT LUNCHES” amount=”100″] [skill title=”I DEVICES” amount=”90″] [skill title=”DRIVING” amount=”40″] [skill title=”MS WORD” amount=”25″] [/col] [col class=”1/3″]


[skill title=”PHOTOSHOP” amount=”90″] [skill title=”ILLUSTRATOR” amount=”80″] [skill title=”I DEVICES” amount=”90″] [skill title=”MOVIES” amount=”60″] [skill title=”CLEANING” amount=”25″] [/col] [col class=”1/3″]


[skill title=”HTML” amount=”90″] [skill title=”PHP” amount=”60″] [skill title=”COFFEE” amount=”70″] [skill title=”SHOPPING” amount=”100″] [skill title=”SHOES” amount=”80″] [/col] [/cols] Our Numbers [number number=”98%” description=”Client Satisfaction”] [number number=”21″ description=”Awards Won In 2012″] [number number=”36″ description=”Cups of coffee a day”] [number number=”1,350″ description=”Lines of code in this site”] [number number=”67″ description=”Websites Built”] [number number=”122,345″ description=”Unique visits to our site in 2012″] [number number=”54″ description=”Average apps on iphone”] [number number=”234,989″ description=”Clients unique visitors for the first week after launch”]

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